Sunflower Resort Private Luxury Villas

Your private villa adds more flexibility, privacy and convenience to your vacation. It is ideal for families and groups traveling together and offers you a unique blend of tranquility, seclusion, luxury, personal service and security.

    Villa "Cindy"

  • Cindy is located just across the street from Jewel Resort. You can relax by your private pool or spend your day playing golf. The Golf Course is almost your backyard and golf, tennis, horseback riding and water sports can be arranged for an extra fee.

    Belair Great House

  • Belair is located on the northcoast of Jamaica tucked away on a beautiful 10 acre estate overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  • Belair offers pure luxury and an excellent setting to everyone looking for more than just another hotel vacation. Belair is a 5 star property and meets all requirements to be even more than that.
  • Cardiff Hall beach is approximately 10 - 15 minutes drive from the property.